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On-demand energy performance and air quality data

EU’s NEW sustainabilty POLICIES

Time to act!

Data for energy performance of buildings are hard to acquire or simply missing. What is the risk of not having it? Up to 20% lower valuations for your properties. Then, post-Covid tenants want better air quality. And on top of that, the European Commission is making sustainability reporting on a part with financial reporting. The market demand, the lack of data and governments’ green policies are forming the perfect storm for commercial real estate.


New legislation disbenefitting non-sustainable buildings

Quite Town

Enhanced vacancy risks for buildings with a poor performance


Sustainability-performance mandatory section for Real Estate valuations

One Solution,
Many Benefits

  • Access CO2 data via smart sensors
  • Acquire energy performance measurements from multiple sources
  • Compare certified data across buildings
  • Share buildings performance data privately and securely

Why do you need ReCheck?

  • Increase occupancy level and attract more tenants
  • Make informed investing and operational decisions
  • Improve the value of your investment property
  • Comply with new green regulations
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How it works?

  • Comparable and transparent metrics
  • One dashboard for efficient monitoring
  • Easy information sharing for any purpose
  • Certified data tracked to the source

ReCheck's solution vs. others


Higher rate of ESG data extraction due to privacy protection mechanisms and incentives.


Data normalization and analytics allow for performance comparison across the portfolio.


Data integrity and better traceability with audit evidence.

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